Kolkata University offers Harry Potter law course

The course will encourage students to think outside the box

By Sumon Ali

A Law University in Kolkata is going to offer a new course on Harry Potter attempting to serve as a breather from the orthodox law school curriculum.

The new course will be offered as an elective to fourth and fifth year students of the BA, LL B (Hons) programme at the National University of Juridical Sciences in Kolkata.

Assistant Professor Shouvik Kumar Guha has designed the course for the winter semester.

Guha came up with the idea for the course after realizing that there weren’t enough opportunities for students to think outside the box within the confines of the regular law school curriculum.

The 45-hour course is titled  ‘An Interface between Fantasy Fiction Literature and Law: Special focus on Rowling’s Potterverse, will help the students to learn legal traditions and institutions, including the bureaucracy of the ‘Ministry of Magic’; crimes and punishments, notably the ‘Unforgivable Curses’ and the ‘Wizengamot Trials’, social values,  class rights, especially the marginalization of ‘Werewolves,’ ‘Giants,’ ‘Centaurs,’ ‘Mudbloods,’ and ‘Squibs.’

Mr. Shouvik Kumar Guha said “Our law school offers 50 intensive technical courses, but I thought we are not doing everything we can and should to encourage creative thinking in students.”

“Students will learn to apply legal principles in a completely new scenario, and understand how things will work through insights into a wizarding world constantly under government surveillance,” he added.

According to the course outline, students will have to write essays and present their assignments to their class, but an alternative option to perform magic tricks for 15 minutes and 20 marks is also offered.

Guha warns that while the course is an experiment, it certainly won’t be easy. Classes for the course are due to start this December.