Kejriwal faces flak over tweet on CCTV and surveillance

kejriwalFile photo | Source: Indian Express

Kejriwal celebrates Delhi being the most surveilled city; Twitter users say CCTV cameras have not improved safety

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, in his latest tweet, has expressed his pride at the national capital being ranked as the most surveilled city according to a study by Forbes.

However, his words have not been received well on the social media platform. Many users have come out to condemn his tone-deafness on being congratulatory over a surveillance state.

Others are criticising Kejriwal for his government’s failure to improve safety and security in Delhi.

The surveillance mechanism is also facing a backlash on account of Delhi government’s perceived inaction during communal sloganeering in Jantar Mantar this month, as well as the North-East Delhi riots of 2020.

Other Indian cities in the Forbes list include Chennai and Mumbai, on the third and 18th positions respectively.

By Arushi Bhaskar