Karti Chidambaram slams government with political vendetta

Karti Chiodambaram lashes out at central government after meeting his father in Tihar jail on Thursday

Karti Chidambaram meet his father P Chidambaram in Tihar jail on Thursday and accused the central government for targeting opposition leaders. He reiterated his accusition of political vendetta as the reason behind his father’s imprisonment.

According to ANI he said,” We have said repeatedly its nothing but vendetta politic. My father and Shivkumar are not undergoing any trial. They have not been found guilty by any court. I” Lashing out at the central government he said that only under the pretext of investigation they are being held under custody.

Putting forth a strong point, Karti Chidambaram said that only distinguished Congress leaders are being targeted and marked for baseless and bogus cases.

By:  Trinetra Paul