Karnataka Cabinet Min refutes church attacks, terms allegations “baseless”

Ashwath Narayan, former Deputy Chief Minister amidst reports of right-wing vigilantes attacking the church and members and incidents of burning religious books has invalidated videos saying they “might be fabricated”.

Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai’s cabinet minister on Tuesday, December 14, in an interview with NDTV has said that the there have been no attacks on Christians in Karnataka.

This comes after a report by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties listed over 39 incidents of violence against Christians only in the last 11 months.

The most recent in the list of attacks was caught on video, on December 13, with an unknown person attempting to attack a church priest with a sword in Belagavi district.

An unknown person attacked a Belagavi Church Priest, in the most recent of incidents.

There have been several attacks by Hindutva outfits on Christians with reports of communal violence in Karnataka recently. Another report by the Evangelical Fellowship of the India (EFI) had documented 37 attacks on the Christian community in the BJP-ruled state.

One of the major reasons, being concluded behind the attacks is the cabinet-proposed ‘Anti-Conversion Bill’, which consists of penal provisions and mandates for conversions, if any.

The government, however, has stated the bill as only a “thought going on” and far away from any regulation as of now.

The ramifications of the ” proposed thought” even before the bill is proposed, continues to look grim for Karnataka.