Just In: Bombay HC upholds shoot-at-sight order for man-eating tigress

The Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court upheld the shoot-at-sight order issued by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests for the man-eating tigress from Brahmapuri that has killed two persons so far.

The tigress,Kisma,was captured on July 10 from South Brahmapuri because she attacked human beings. She was released on a patch of the Bor Tiger Reserve – that had no other tigers – on July 29, in the hope she would find enough non-human prey. In the 76 days since her release on July 29, the tigress undertook an extraordinary 500-km journey that saw her return to Bor. During these days she is believed to have survived mostly on cattle and small prey, and also made two human kills. She was tracked all through by a team of foresters.








(Source: Times of India)

Nawab Shafat Ali Khan, a sharp shooter and hunter from Hyderabad, who tranquillised the tigress on July 10, said that after her late July release, she has been difficult to spot even though where she was known. That limits the possibility of using tranquilliser darts, or ‘darting’. This leaves shooting as the only remaining option as the tigress poses a threat to people in the area.


Conservationists and animal rights activists are of the opinion that the authorities should opt for tranquillising the animal. The incident is also raises the issue of construction in the ‘tiger corridor’ of the regions that infringes on their natural habitat. Petitioner in the case, Dr. Jeryll Baniat has moved SC challenging the order.