Joe Biden approaches 80 million votes in historic victory

Image source: AP

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden leads with the highest number of votes as democrats continue to count ballots.

Supriya Ramesh

While Biden has already set a record for the highest number of votes, President Donald Trump has also reached the peak of the most votes for a losing candidate. As California and New York still counts, more than 155 million votes are already counted. According to The Associated Press and the U.S. Elections Project turnout stands at the highest since 1908, this is at 65 per cent of all eligible voters.

Excluding the electors from Georgia, Biden currently has an Electoral College (EC) lead of 290-232 and he leads Trump by 0.3 percentages. If Biden continues to lead he will win the EC on 306-232 vote.

As reported by Communications Workers of America, Biden seems to have a long history of supporting union and workers’ rights, he is the pro-worker candidate, his administration will help unite the country, etc. and these could be the major reasons for Biden leading the election.  According to Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, Biden wasn’t the first choice of young voters, but 18-29 year-olds pledged to turn out in record numbers to make him the next president.

Along with many other promises, Biden has stated that he will reform the present system in such a way that will allow workers in select industries to change jobs, which they can’t do under the present system, while keeping the labour market’s need for foreign workers.

Presidential historian at New York University Timothy Naftali, by comparing Biden’s still-growing popular vote and EC margins to those of every winner of a presidential election since 1960 found out that Biden’s win was right in the middle — tighter than landslides like Barack Obama’s 2008 win or Ronald Reagan’s 1984 wipeout re-election, but broader than Trump’s 2016 victory or either of George W. Bush’s two wins.

On a different note, the gap between the popular vote and the EC tallies is growing as Democratic voters cluster on the coasts and outside of battleground states. Democrats are worried that dynamic could make it difficult for them to win congressional races, creating a lasting disadvantage when it comes to advancing policies.

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Sources: AP, CWA