ISRO to launch 18 missions in coming six months

After the success of PSLV missions, ISRO announces ambitious plans for the future.
Chennai: ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) announced the plans to launch 18 missions in the coming six months. After the success of the PSLV missions, ISRO has decided to take it up a notch, virtually the organisation will launch one mission every two weeks.


ISRO on Sunday night successfully launched NovaSAR and S1-4 earth observation satellites of the UK-based Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd.“We are going to have 18 missions in the next six months”, K Sivan said in a press conference.

According to senior scientists, some of the planned launches include GSAT-11, Chandrayaan-2 moon mission and GSLV-MKIII-D2 missions.

GSAT-11 is a multi-beam communication satellite, which is expected to be launched from French Guiana.

Chandrayaan-2 is being launched after 10 years of the launch of Chandrayaan-1. GSLV-MKIII-D2 mission would, for the first time, carry communication payloads. It is targeted at Village Resources Centre’s in rural areas to bridge the digital divide.