You Reddit right, you can go viral

By Smita Ganguli

Chennai, 29 November: Web enthusiasts, for the longest time now, have tried to decipher the secrets of to being viral on web. However, the search results are often ‘Error 404’.

Numerous articles and papers have been written on how one can create viral content for the web. The fact that people still haven’t found out what it is that is responsible for content going viral is the beauty of web-virality.

There is no set algorithmic guidelines for producing viral content. Except for people who invest money and time into producing content have managed to achieve the highest results so far.


As the term suggests, web content that is viral and infectious.  When an individual shares memes and videos on a platform like Facebook, he or she does it because it evoked some thought in their minds.

The layman chooses to believe that it is the emotions which are evoked, while an internet user consumes viral content. One can measure a content’s viral reach in terms of how many times it has been shared or viewed.

Virality, however is extremely subjective. A celebrity’s Twitter account receives reception much more than the Twitter account of an everyday internet user.

If Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ guffaw went viral once upon a time, it was because he is the President of the United States of America. However, if somebody tweets an exclusive image of a rare species of a butterfly that they clicked, its virality will be only be worth 3-4 re-tweets.

For someone to become an internet celebrity overnight is a common occurrence now.


Initially, viral content was coincidental. Now it is intentional.

News -houses and media firms are now looking to employ people who are experts at helping them gain more followers and subscribers on social media platforms across the web.


In order to get a video to go viral, a Reddit allowance is a must. If the video appears on the Reddit’s first page, it’s a HIT. Reddit is a website which is like a den for creative content’s inception.

However, it is advisable that one get used to the website functioning and user communities so as to easily push content for favourable virality.

Once the content starts getting ‘upvotes’ instead of ‘downvotes’, which are basically thumbs up or down in social media lingo, the process towards virality begins.

The Reddit community is an informed group of internet-enthusiasts. The website, in essence, is the bringing together of readers, content and discourse.

A lot of what goes viral on the web goes through some kind of discourse. Memes, videos and text trend which  Facebook calls the ‘People are talking about’ section.

Therefore, Reddit is a filter website for viral content. If it trends first on Reddit, you’re good to GO!


Social media examiners annual survey of nearly 3,000 marketers lead to a ton of insights into how marketers think about trending viral content on social media platforms. Interestingly enough, in a social landscape dominated by visuals, it is written content that most resonates with marketers. Over half of marketers (58 percent) claim written content is their most important form of social content. Visual content came in second (19 percent.)


Fridays are the best for the spread of viral content. Following data viz says why:

Here’s a throwback on the trending memes this year:





Roll safe:

Blinking guy gif

Aao kabhi haweli pe

In a world of trending memes one cannot forget the trend-setter videos of 2017: