Iran and North Korea reacts to Trump’s speech at UN General Assembly

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says Tehran will not be the first country to violate a 2015 nuclear deal, hitting back at US President Donald Trump who has hinted he might pull out of the pact.

On the other hand North Korea’s foreign minister has brushed aside President Donald Trump’s fiery threat to destroy his nation, comparing it to a ‘dog’s bark’ and suggesting Pyongyang would not be deterred by the rhetoric.

Trump used his stormy maiden address at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday to warn the North that Washington would ‘totally destroy’ it if the US or its allies was attacked. And called Iran an ‘economically depleted’ and evil nation which only exports ‘violence and bloodshed’.
Addressing the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Wednesday, Rouhani said his country would respond “decisively and resolutely” if the agreement – signed between Iran and world powers under which Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear programme in return for relief from economic sanctions – is violated by any party.

“By violating its international commitments the new US administration only destroys its own credibility,” he said, reiterating Iran’s assurance that Tehran is not planning to develop nuclear weapons.

On the other hand Japan and South Korea supported Trump’s call for non-nuclearisation of North Korea.
In this situation UN Sec-Gen Antonio Gueterres stated that today we are facing the biggest threat of a nuclear since Cold War. The signing ceremony for the first global nuclear weapons ban treaty took place yesterday and so far 50 states have become signatories.


Dibyaudh Das for TheNewsmakers