Instagrammer trolled for taking fairy lights onto flight

Image source- Deccan Chronicle

String lights are beautiful. And they have the ability to turn the most prosaic house or garden into a fairyland with their magical glow but think about them in flight.

IF ANY of us managed to score a business class seat on an international flight, we’d probably be plastering photographs all over Instagram too. WHEN influencer Harimao Lee uploaded this stunning mid-flight snap, she probably didn’t expect the massive attention it would get.

Hong Kong influencer Harimao Lee, who keeps her 127,000 Instagram followers updated on her glamorous travels, recently posted a photo of her sipping champagne on the flight from Hong Kong to Rome.

On top of the blanket draped over her legs were fairy lights she presumably boarded with.

While the photo was taken a month ago, the fairy sights have set off fresh outrage among social media users who thought it was all a bit much.

Travel writer Cynthia Drescher‏ said: “Awful lot of effort to make an already great seat look Insta-glam. (She’s sitting backwards/in the footwell, brought fairy lights, and has vacant side stare (at what?) down pat).”

“This is ridiculous! This sort of staged nonsense is a joke. Nobody travels like this!!” someone wrote.

Alex Dean a travel blogger from UK posted her picture first on his twitter account.

By- Simran Guleria