India Seeks to Deport Rohingya Refugees in the Country

Chennai: In a move that could make-or-break India’s reputation, the government is seeking to deport over 40000 Rohingya refugees while fending off international criticism.

Rohingya Muslims from the state of Myanmar have escaped the “ethnic cleansing” in their home country and sought refuge in neighbouring countries. India has seen an influx of over 40000 Rohingya refugees in the past decade. Only 16500 of these refugees are verified and registered with the UN’s refugee agency.

Bangladesh, in contrast, has received over 40000 refugees in the past month alone since Myanmar’s military intensified attacks against the Rohingya’s. The government has claimed to have found links between the Rohingya’s security forces and the Islamic State terror group.

The Modi government believes that the presence of Rohingya’s in India will increase the country’s exposure to terror. Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi has stated that Myanmar will only take back verified refugees. The country has also refused to grant the Rohingya’s with citizenship.

(Kamakshi Gupta, The Newsroom Agenda)