India prepared to defend its sovereignty no matter what the sacrifice: Defence Minister

Rajnath Singh speaks at National Defence College

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that India is committed to peace but at the same time is also ready to defend its sovereignty against aggression, no matter what sacrifice it might entail. This comes with reference to the growing border tensions with China and Ladakh.

Speaking at the Diamond Jubilee of the National Defence College he said that India is established close relationships with nations like the US, Australia who have common interests regarding security. He also stated how peace among countries is possible by the ability to discourage war.

The minister also referred to PM Narendra Modi’s outreach to nations in West, South, and East Asia. He also mentioned the special partnership with France and Israel.

He also spoke about the approaches towards security challenges including the development of areas that have been affected by vices like terrorism etc.

Source: ANI Twitter
Edited by: Rebecca Ann Gerard