Hindu Samiti opposes Tipu Jayanti, demands it to be called off

The controversial tiger king, Tipu Sultan

The Mughal tyrant, Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary is celebrated every year on Nov 10.

The Karnataka government, on Monday, had decided to celebrate Tipu Jayanti to mark the birth anniversary of the 18th-century “tiger” ruler of Mysore kingdom, causing a number of threats and protests by the BJP government.

The legacy of Tipu Sultan has been a matter of debate for many years, and a huge population in the present-day Karnataka disdain the ruler for his cruelty towards Hindus.

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, sister outfit of Hindu right-wing group Sanathan Sanstha asserted that such celebrations cannot be celebrated. The outfit stated in a press release, “Along with Karnataka, the same phenomenon has now spread to other parts of the country too. This is the same Tipu who changed the name of a Hindu village to Mysore and decided it as an Islamic state. He pledged to convert all the Kafirs (non-Muslims) into Islam.”

The release further imposed that Tipu would “kill those who refuse to voluntarily convert to Islam; and capture Hindu women, tarnish their sanctity and distribute them among Muslim men”.

The organization criticized the Congress and JDS government, saying that persuading Tipu Sultan Jayanti, clearly instigates minorities against the Hindus. “The Congress party, whose leader – Rahul Gandhi, is on a spree of visiting temples from Amarnath to the Shiv Temple in the South, the same Congress government in Karnataka is celebrating the super-villain Tipu, who is responsible for the destruction of thousands of temples. This is nothing but the hypocrisy and pretense of Congress.”

The organisation said that if the celebrations are not taken down, the government will be bound to face protests by Hindus.

By Sharmita Kar (With ANI inputs)