Hindu minorities are ill-treated during Durga Puja in Bangladesh

Vandalism and burning incidents began in Bangladesh in October, during Durga Puja. The United Nations intervened, requesting that the country protect minorities.

Chennai : The Vishwa Hindu Parishad demanded on Wednesday that Indian parliamentary should be sent to Bangladesh to look for a probe into the recent violence that happened against the Hindu community in Bangladesh during Durga Puja.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), is a Hindu extremist organization formed with the purpose of promoting Hinduism in India. VHP asked the center to act through and put pressure on the Bangladesh Prime Minister to ensure that the Hindu minorities should not face any ill treatment and discrimination.

Surendra Jain, the VHP’s joint general secretary, said in a statement that the central government should send a fact-finding team of MPs to Bangladesh to undertake a complete investigation into the persecution of Bangladesh’s indigenous minority Hindus and make its findings public.

Jain also said at a VHP-organized rally near the Bangladesh High Commission in the Capital over recent attacks on Hindus and vandalism of temples and Durga Puja pandals in Bangladesh. “In comparison to analogous situations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, India’s government does not take a firm action against Hindu persecution in Bangladesh.”

Kapil Khanna the outfit’s Delhi unit president along with Jain pay a visit to the Bangladesh High Commissioner and handed a demanding note saying that the safety and security of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh must be secure.

Eight people have been killed in Bangladesh in the last two weeks, as clashes erupted after Hindu temples in India’s neighboring country were vandalized during Durga Puja.

On October 13, the vandalisation began. The United Nations has intervened, requesting that Bangladesh ensure that minorities are protected.

Source: News18, Hindustan Times Written by : Trinanjana Mazumdar