Graph goes up for Silambarasan and Mani Ratnam with Chekka Chivantha Vaanam release today

The Kollywood fraternity has been up with celebration, as Mani Ratnam’s new movie Chekka Chivantha Vaanam released today, one, because of the cast that resembles an avengers team; two, because Silambarasan, popularly known as STR, supposedly the most troublesome actor to every producer and director in kollywood, has taken up a challenging role in the movie. So, the latest news is that STR has played well and the social media is streaming with memes applauding the actor’s performance.

Mani Ratnam is famous not only because of his screen play and casting but also the one liners and the all prevailing silence and darkness through out. He is also alleged to have adopted western movies for his screen plays. He is also commented upon for his wife Suhasini’s influence on the script which usually turns the movie down. Suhasini had earlier created a controversy that only a writer and serious movie critic  must review their movies.

The Social media since this morning is flooded with memes on the director and the actor. Such as this one, where Arvind Samy says

“They would say that it is a remake of God Father,” “Don’t believe it”.

Vijay Varadharaj, a popular youtube creator, who trolled STR in an earlier video on how much difficult it would be for Mani Ratnam to direct STR, posted a meme.


In this meme STR is supposedly asking his daddy , “What ? Has the film really come out well ?”.

In another meme with actor vivek marked as an STR fan, where he is hesitant first to watch the movie fearing that STR might have spoiled the movie, then turns up with joy later to find that STR indeed had done well.

STR earned all these memes for he was alleged to have weakly responded to the directors and the producers of this earlier assignments. A complaint was also filed with the film association that the actor did not turn up for shooting as per call sheet and not even for dubbing.

The movie release has indeed created a new profile for STR.

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