Google to end free unlimited storage for High Quality pictures in 2021


After offering the free service for five years, Google on Wednesday said in a blog post that it is halting the unlimited free backup for high-quality images beginning June 1, 2021. The advertising and search giant will start charging for storage once 15 GB limit has reached. According to the usage data from the company, it seems like 80 % of individuals are taking at least three years to hit 15 gig mark.

This move would not affect users who were backing up their memories in original quality as the images uploaded in the ‘Original’ uncompressed quality were counted against storage space and those uploaded in high quality was free.

According to the new company policy, both “High Quality” and “Original” will be handled in a similar manner. The users of Google Pixels are the ones who will not be affected and they can keep uploading high-quality images and videos from their devices.

As a measure going forward, Google will include a new feature in the Google Photos app for conveniently allowing users to verify the memories they want to retain while notifying them to delete the other dark or blurry shots or large pictures and videos.

Google had announced a lot of changes to its platforms of google photos and drive

Google has also announced a lot of changes to Google Drive. The company added that any new document or files will be counted towards on the allotted 15 GB of allocated storage or any additional storage supported by Google One beginning in June 2021. The existing files will not count against storage inside these items unless and until they are updated or modified on or after June 1.

Google also said that it would remove data from accounts that have been inactive for two years. The company also said that it can delete content on Gmail, Drive and Photos if users are over their storage quota for two or more years. Google added that it would inform users several times for them to take action before attempting to delete any content from their account.