Fully Vaccinated Population: China 102.22 India 21.16 Bangladesh 1.53 crore

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Sadi Muhammad Alok, Dhaka

In Bangladesh, one crore 53 lakh 52 thousand 14 people have received two doses of coronavirus vaccine. China is on top when it comes to fully vaccinated people. Two doses of vaccine have been given to 102 crores 22 lakh seven thousand people in the country.

In India, 21 crores 16 lakh 38 thousand 45 people have received two doses of vaccine.

The figure was obtained by analyzing data from Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus resource center until 5 PM, today.

Bangladesh ranks sixth in Asia in terms of coronavirus deaths. India is above all.

Bangladesh ranks ninth in Asia in terms of coronavirus infection. India is in the first position.

Bangladesh in South Asia: Seventh in vaccination, second in infection, third in death

Analyzing the data of South Asia, it has been seen that Bangladesh is in the seventh position among the six countries in administering two-dose vaccines. Afghanistan is in the eighth position. Bangladesh ranks second in terms of identity and third in terms of death.

According to a report of the Daily Star (published on August 31), Bangladesh was ranked seventh in South Asia in providing two doses of vaccine. Was second in both identification and death.

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15 lakh 47 thousand 176 people have been identified as infected in Bangladesh. Bhutan has the lowest number of 2,599 in South Asia.

India has the highest number of deaths in South Asia at 4,46,050. So far 27,313 people have died in Bangladesh.

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The first corona was identified in Bangladesh on 6 March 2020, and the first death occurred on March 18. According to a press release issued by the Department of Health on Thursday afternoon, the identification rate in the country so far is 16.21 percent. The overall recovery rate is 97.38 percent and the death rate is 1.77 percent.

Regarding the vaccination program of Bangladesh, Nazrul Islam, a member of the National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) of the Ministry of Health on vaccines in Bangladesh said, ‘We have not been able to vaccinate too many people so far. At present our vaccination rate is good. But, in the beginning, we were wrong. That is why we are lagging. However, now everyone must be vaccinated as soon as possible.’

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The health expert called on the government to strictly monitor the vaccination Program so that it is no longer neglected. ‘The only way to control this corona situation is to get vaccinated. So there is no chance of neglecting it. Otherwise, Bangladesh will lag behind the world’, he added.