“Friendship with Afghan people matters to us”: Jaishankar

jaishankarDr. S. Jaishankar talking to the press | Source: ANI

EAM promises to try and bring all Indians in Afghanistan home

Following the briefing given to Opposition leaders, Minister of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar said that all the political parties are united in their views on Afghanistan.

“We have a strong national position on Afghanistan,” he said, speaking to ANI.

He added that the “focus is on evacuation” and that the government is trying its best to evacuate everyone.

He elaborated that six evacuation flights have been done under Operation ‘Devi Shakti’. According to him, most Indians have been brought back, and some Afghan citizens have been evacuated too.

Since some Indians couldn’t make it to the flight yesterday, the government is still going to try and bring everyone out, Jaishankar said.

“Seeing that in terms of any international decisions which are made, any gatherings that are there, that our role is recognized,” Jaishankar said in a statement.

(ANI // Edited by Arushi Bhaskar)