For the first time, Vietnamese planes to fly to the US

From November 28, direct flights to the US by the Vietnamese national carrier will begin

November 17, Hanoi: The national carrier Vietnam Airlines has received an FAA permit from the USA to commence nonstop commercial flights between Vietnam and the USA. To begin with, it will operate a 13.5 hour continuous flight from Ho Chi Minh City to San Francisco twice weekly.

Le Hong Ha, General Director of the airline said,

“Opening a regular flight to the US is the goal and desire of all airlines. This assesses the airline’s competitive position, development level and operational ability. Vietnam Airlines has longed for this event for the past 20 years and now, we are able to do it. In the initial commercial operation to the US, Vietnam Airlines operates two flights per week, carrying both passengers and cargo.”

Once the COVID 19 pandemic is controlled and the Vietnamese Government allows regular international flights, there will be daily flights. This comes in the wake of a slow and steady improvement in US- Vietnamese relations over the years, together with Vietnamese wariness over Chinese intentions.


Edited by Arnav Chandrasekhar