Feminism Badnaam!

If Oxford English Dictionary came up with an Indian ‘Word of the year’ or, rather ‘The Word for a few years now’, ‘Feminism’ would be a solid runner-up to ‘Anti-national’, if not the winner. In this sub-continent, the word now has mostly been stipped-off all its historical significance and tales of suffering and the glorious legacy, rather it has become almost a slang. There are people who promote equality, but strongly disagree to associate themselves with the word ‘Feminism’.


We’ve been raised to believe that movies are a reflection of the society that we live in. Their inspiration comes from cultural practices, psychological framework and the likes and dislikes of the society. And that might just be true to a certain extent. And in India where Bollywood is a religion, let’s see how the idea of Feminism has evolved and how “women-centric films” have transformed through the ages.





Conceived and produced by M. Supraja, Saakhsi Saxena, Soham Sen and Dibyayudh Das