Fear of failure keeps me on my toes: Aamir Khan

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Aamir talks about talks about his fears, failings, fallings and how he uses them to his advantage in an interview ahead of the release of his film ‘Thugs of Hindostan’.

Aamir Khan in his interaction with Femina editor Tanya Chaitanya talks about his fears, failings, fallings and how he uses them to his advantage. Take notes, quite a few lessons to be learned here.

“It’s not that I don’t have fears. It’s just that they don’t stop me from doing what I want to do.”

-says Aamir talking about how he is fully immersed in his new movie ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’. In fact, he laughs at his single-minded motivation and reveals that his wife Kiran brought it up one day.

She said, ‘You are with us but you’re not fully with us; your film is all-consuming for you and we don’t really matter. We don’t exist for you.’

Source: Femina


In our conversation Aamir talks about how he is hugely influenced by his mother, cousin Nuzhat, sisters Nikhat and Farhat, his first wife Reena and now Kiran–women who he says are strong and have inspired him in many ways.

Our talk veers towards his children from his previous marriage (Junaid and Ira), who he believes are more like friends.

“With Ira and Junaid, both of whom I’m close to, the relationship is not a typical father-child one but of friends. They rarely come to me for advice but sometimes Ira does. Yet she takes her own decisions and is quite confident about them,” Aamir said.

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For somebody who has been seen as a feminist, Aamir’s take on the wage gap that exists in the industry comes with a business perspective yet not without a solution.

“Payment is market-driven. According to me, a producer would pay a large amount of money to people who can fill seats. Sometimes it is a director, sometimes a writer (Salim-Javed in their time commanded and got more than actors) but it is the ability to fill seats that would decide their remuneration. The fact is that at this point the male stars happen to be bigger draws.”

“It is unfortunate that we don’t have huge female stars who on their own could sell megafilms; there are a few like Deepika, Kangana, and Alia but when we compare them to Salman, SRK or Hrithik among the top 4-5 actors, I don’t know if any solo film of theirs could match. It is all related to the box-office potential of the person.”

“I’m happy to be called a perfectionist, it is just inaccurate.”

says Aamir on the tag. He further said,” In a creative space there is no such thing as perfection. I do a particular shot and you may think it’s great; another actor may do the same shot in a totally different way and you may still think it’s great. So which one is perfect? In creativity there are no absolutes. If people think I am a perfectionist, I’m happy that they think I am good but I can’t take that credit. But I try hard to get there.”

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