Farmer Bills 2020: Punjab CM Slams Khattar Govt For Using “Brute Force” Against Farmer Protests

Punjab, Oct 25 (ANI): Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh speaks to media, in Patiala on Sunday. (ANI Photo)

November 26 | 14:40 p.m.

Chandigarh: Punjab CM Captain (retd.) Amarinder Singh harshly condemned the Haryana government for forcibly attempting to stop farmers from marching to Delhi in protest against the Central farm laws.

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According to an official release by Punjab Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), Singh questioned the need to stop the farmers from proceeding and urged the Khattar government to allow them to pass through the national highway and take their issues to Delhi peacefully.

“Why is ML Khattar government in Haryana stopping the farmers from moving to Delhi? The tyrannical use of brute force against peacefully protesting farmers is totally undemocratic and unconstitutional,” he said in a tweet, asserting that “the hands that feed the nation deserve to be held, not pushed aside.”

Punjab CM shakes hands with Haryana CM

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The Punjab CM argued that the fundamental right of farmers to dissent was being violated and flayed the use of “brute force” by the Haryana Police, which had used water cannons and tear gas in an effort to thwart the Punjab farmers from advancing through the state and had not permitted farmers from Haryana to travel out of their villages in several areas.

“For nearly 2 months farmers have been protesting peacefully in Punjab without any problem. Why is the Haryana government provoking them by resorting to force? Don’t the farmers have the right to pass peacefully through a public highway?” he asked.

Singh urged the central BJP leaders to steer their state governments not to engage in such “strong-arm” tactics against the agitating farmers, as per ANI.

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Calling for peaceful resolution of the farmers’ concerns in the national interest, he said,

“Let the farmers be heard by the central government, let their concerns be addressed.”

The Punjab Chief Minister denounced his Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal when the latter “condemned” the use of force targeting farmers in Haryana and questioned why his government had neglected to introduce its own laws into the state assembly to fight the central farm laws.

“Kejriwal is just playing to the gallery, the fact is that he neither cares for the farmers nor is interested in protecting them,” Singh said.

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Farmers gave the call for “Delhi Chalo” protest march against new farm laws which incidentally coincides with the Constitution Day celebrations.

Protesters worry that this might lead to the government not purchasing produce at guaranteed rates, affecting their timely payments, although the government says the three laws would do away with intermediaries, allowing farmers to sell their produce in the commercial markets.

Heavy protection was deployed at the Rohtak-Jhajjar border, Singhu border (Delhi-Haryana border), Delhi-Gurugram and Delhi-Jammu highways near Karna Lake in Karnal, in view of the farmers’ ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest march.

Source: ANI | Edited By Rishika Singh