Early to say but Possibility of Third Covid wave in Delhi says Minister.

After the sudden one-day surge in the corona cases in Delhi, Health Minister Satyendra Jain told that it is too early to say if the capital was seeing a Third wave of Covid but there are possibilities.

The national capital saw a record one day surge of 5,673 corona cases. According to the Health Minister it is too early to say if it is the start of Third wave of Corona virus. In order to give any confirmation, the trends of one week need to be observed.

While the national Covid cases have been dropping a sudden increase in the cases in Delhi is a worrying sign. The minister added that the rise in cases was unexpected.

Jain said that as both the festive season and winters are arriving, they have made some changes in their strategy. Now the family and close contacts of a person tested positive for corona virus are also immediately tested unlike earlier when they used to wait for family members to show symptoms.

In the backdrop of a proposed meeting of top officials today to discuss preventive and suppressive measures on Delhi, Jain said that their aim is to ensure that not a single case is missed.

By- Bhavya Chaturvedi

News source – NDTV