Delhi tattoo artist gets his eyeballs tattooed

A tattoo artist in Delhi got his eyeballs permanently tattooed to black, to match with his full body suit. And though the Tattoographer Karan claims that it does not involve risks and is just a way to look and feel different, the medical fraternity is up in arms at his seemingly irresponsible attitude.

Ask the tattoographer just why he wanted to get this done, he retorts that it had been a dream of his for some time now. “I always wanted to get something like this done and thus made sure that I get it done from the person who invented eyeball tattooing a decade back — Howard Smith. Because as a tattoo artist, my eyes are very important to me,” he adds.

There have been risks reported with the procedure. In a recent case, a 24-year-old Canadian woman tried Sclera Staining, which caused eye-infection. Now doctors have warned her that she is at a risk of losing her vision permanently. After this, medical experts in New Zealand have asked for a strict ban on Sclera Staining.