Delhi pollution continues to trouble government, citizens

The Greenpeace Southeast Asia/IQAir AirVisual counter applies an algorithm to ground-level air quality data to calculate the projected cost of air pollution due to PM2.5 and NO2. | Photo: THE HINDU

Kejriwal government is struggling to deal with pollution as criticism mounts.

I will start the report on Delhi Pollution by talking about how the Air Quality Index of Delhi has reached 469 and simultaneously in Gurugram and Noida it reached 480 and 477, respectively. Also, with the help of recent reports by Central Pollution Control Board and SAFAR, we can get an idea about the sudden increase in air pollution in Delhi. Then with the help of a graph I can give a comparison between previous year AIQ for Delhi in the month of October and November and compare it to this year to see how different it is.


Then I would go ahead by talking about what are the reasons for this spike in air pollution as a sub-heading like stubble burning, motor vehicle emissions, burning garbage, illegal industrial activities etc. I can support this segment with a video on stubble burning in Punjab and how around 40,000 cases have been reported in 2020.


Then another subheading would be about what the AAP government is doing to curb pollution, what measures they are taking. Steps like increasing green cover, appointing environment Marshalls to curb garbage burning, anti-smog guns at construction sites, E-vehicle policy to promote electric vehicles and many more. For this I can also use a video on views of Delhi people on how they think these measures are being implemented and whether it is making a difference or not.

The last part could be related to how the rise in air pollution means rise in covid19 cases. As exposure to air pollution leads to reduced lung functioning, respiratory infection, asthma and many more health problems. There are various data’s that show that there has been a 11% rise in COVID-19 deaths due to increase in air pollution.

Then I would end the report by giving the latest report on how the Delhi government is banning use of firecrackers this Diwali season.