Covid-19: New guidelines issued for international travellers

In light of fresh Coronavirus strains emerging in Brazil, South Africa and United Kingdom the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued new guidelines for international travelers arriving in India.

Applicable from 22nd February, passengers from all destinations, except Middle East, UK and Europe, will have to submit a self-declaration form and a negative Covid-19 test report 72 prior to boarding.

Following this, they will also have to submit a self-declaration form that declares its authenticity, reports that are found to be inauthentic will face criminal prosecution say the MoHFW guidelines issued yesterday.

The guidelines however exempt those travelling to India for an emergency- like death in the family- from submitting such a Covid-19 negative report.

Meanwhile the guidelines for passengers travelling from Europe, Middle East and UK are different. Passengers will not only have to submit their covid-19 negative report but will also have to provide authorities with their travel itinerary for the past 14 days.

Following this, they will have to details of where they plan to disembark in India and if they have any transit flights to airport authorities.

All passengers will have to observe their health conditions for the next 14 days, while passengers from UK, Europe and Middle East will be tested twice, once at the airport and again after seven days.

Social distancing, masks and Aarogya Setu app will have to be used by all international travelers.

(Anushka Jain)