Congress clashes over party presidency

Chennai, November 30: A week before the Congress party elects their party president, a senior member from Maharashtra, Shehzad Poonawalla, has alleged that the process of electing the party president is rigged.

In his interview to ANI, he said “ the upcoming Congress president election is a selection and not an election. Its a sham election process.” He added, how the delegates voting for the election were not selected as per constitutional requirements and were made a part of the panel due to their loyalty towards the current Congress vice-President Rahul Gandhi.

Poonawalla has written about this to Rahul Gandhi’s office claiming that he will not contest a rigged election and participate only if it was undertaken in a genuine manner.

According to him the party should have only one ticket for family members and claimed that Gandhi had more advantage as he was already the Vice President. However, Congress has not given an official response to Poonawalla’s claims.

While Poonawalla’s claims are embarrassing to the party, especially with the Gujarat election nearing, claims that he is unfazed by the criticism. Shehzad Poonawalla is the relative of Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son in law, Robert Vadra.


By Sunayna Biswas, with inputs from Agencies