CM withdraws decision on Schools in Tamil Nadu to reopen from November 16


Taking a U-turn to its previous decision, The government of Tamil Nadu has now decided to postpone the reopening of schools amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier, the government decided to give permission to schools to be reopened on November 16.

In a statement, The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu also revoked the permissions given for religious meetings, socio-political, entertainment and educational meetings and processions related to these activities, to be reopened with no more than 100 participants. He added that the reason for reversal in the decision was made after considering the consensus of the views expressed by the parents of the children.

The government had originally advised for reopening of schools from November 16


The state government had held meetings with parents and teachers at government colleges, schools, and private school earlier this week. The meeting with parents for opinions on reopening schools was conducted by the government with over 12,000 schools. According to the reports from the meetings, many parents of private school students did not support the decision of reopening schools in November, 2020 and voted to postpone the reopening of schools until January, 2021 but whereas parents of students from government schools were in favor for the decision to reopen schools in November of this year.

According to a statement issued by the government of Tamil Nadu government, the opening of schools in Tamil Nadu has been postponed until further review and notice. It also added that the announcement citing that schools will be open from the 16th of November, Monday is being canceled. The new dates would be announced by the state government after assessing the situation of the pandemic in various regions of the sate soon