Cinema lovers get ready for #DiwaliDhamaka blockbusters


By Sumon Ali

Cinema lovers rejoice a total 17 movies in seven languages whose will have to release the first week of November across the India.

The schedule releases are in Hindi, two are English, one is Bengali, four are Telugu, one is Kannada, one is Tamil and two are Punjabi.

Let’s have a look at the five most votes movies in the


Releasing date Movie name Director Language
02 Nov, 2018 Rashtraputra Azzad Hindi
02 Nov, 2018 Leera The Soulmate


Sumnash Sri Kaljai. Hindi
02 Nov, 2018 The Nutcracker and the four realms


Lasse Halstrom English
02 Nov, 2018 Ekkees Tareek Shubh Muhrat Paven Kumar Chauhan Hindi
02 Nov, 2018 Girlfriend


Raja Chanda Bengali



The film gives insights about life and times of greatest revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad and how his thoughts were like the flames of fire and acts were deadly blasts.

Leera The Soulmate

Leera The Soulmate is a Hindi movie starring Leera Kaljai and Mehul Adwani in prominent roles.

The Nutcracker and the four realms


A unique gift from her godfather Drosselmeyer takes young Clara on a magical journey into the parallel world of Four Realms. Soon, Clara finds out that she is destined for great things and holds the key to restoring harmony in this mysterious new land.

Ekkees Tareek Shubh Muhrat

Every human being has lots of dreams and aspirations. They spend their entire lives trying to achieve them. Despite that, the reality is, that for most people, dreams remain dreams.

Such is the story of a 55-year-old man Pandit Girdhari Laal Sharma who wants to escape his family legacy of becoming a priest and aspires to become a storyteller instead. His reality is that he is stuck trying to find a date for his daughter’s wedding. What follows is a series of misfortunate events which land him in jail. His dream starts unfolding in the most unexpected way as his stories find an audience amongst the prisoners.


Uttam is a two-wheeler mechanic who falls in love with Suchitra, a quality control officer in a health department. However, the difference in their family standards leads to many problems in their relationship.

Suchitra’s father sets a condition for Uttam that he should earn enough to match the whole month’s expense of their family, to which Uttam agrees. Through his hard work and sheer will to win Suchitra and her family’s love, Uttam manages to earn the required amount and wins the challenge. However, Sucheta’s father is still not convinced and starts throwing other challenges at Uttam. Will Uttam ever be able to convince Suchitra’s father?