Chocolate is next hack to protect from winter chill

Eating sweets is one of the yummiest thing one can do. But quite often after binge session we fall in the trap of guilt, which certainly is the worst feeling to go through.

We have a good news for all those who suffer from this guilt. Latest research conducted in Germany says “coco is the next most essential ingredient .” Coco basically contains vitamin D2 and other important components which is necessary for people

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The wide range of chocolate caters to lot of health problems. Cocoa butter and dark chocolate have the highest amount of coco. This reduces  the intake of vitamin D supplements and replace it to something which anyone and everyone would relish.

During winters, most parts of Europe don’t receive adequate sunlight which causes the wide spread vitamin D deficiency. So the new found hack will protect people from winter chill breeze

There are several health benefits attached with munching chocolates. Chocolate is linked to feelings of well being because it simply tastes so good. They claim munching a bar induces sensations that could be even more pleasurable than listening to your favorite music, winning the lottery or falling in love.

Researchers at America’s University of California found that flavan-3-ols – substances found in cocoa – are linked to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

A study looked at an ingredient in chocolate called theobromine to see if it could prevent coughing. Patients were given theobromine followed by capsaicin, which is known to stimulate the coughing reflex.

Some experts believe that chocolate contains higher concentrations of polyphenols than other plant foods and beverages

It was found that cocoa is particularly rich in flavanol, a type of antioxidant. Antioxidants track down and destroy harmful chemicals in the body that cause ageing and potentially fatal diseases.

However the nutritionist said the findings does not mean people should go out and gorge on chocolate bars and hot chocolate. Gobbling  chocolate in excess would be extremely unhealthy because of the high sugar and fat content.

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This brings us to an understanding that chocolate even though carries one of the best  advantage and is beneficial for health, but as popularly said excess to everything is bad. Which means consumption of coco may cause addiction and that is not the idea behind the research.

Edited by : Pragya Garg