China worries Indo-Pacific ties as it bring India-Taiwan close

Source ANI | Edited by K.S. Swati

Chines state media seems to have gone overboard as India, Taiwan and the United States grow closer in response to China’s moves in the Indo-Pacific region.

According to a report by The Irrawaddy, there were at least three key reasons behind China’s near-hysterical response.

The first reason cited by the Burmese newspaper was that if China’s dream of integrating Taiwan into the mainland comes true, then it would allow Beijing to “base its nuclear submarines in its deep-water ports, allowing them undetected access to the wider Pacific Ocean, turning the Chinese navy into an authentic blue water force”. If denied, China would suffer as navy would be stuck between “three island chains” which was constructed by the US and its allies since the beginning of the Cold War.

The second reason was if Taiwan become independent, then China would be on a “slippery slope” as Taiwan’s independence would encourage others to follow the move like Hong Kong, Tibet, etc.

“Third, Taiwan, known for its proven strengths in hi-tech and high-rise construction, Last month, trade ministers of India, Australia and Japan declared their intent to road map new supply chains which exclude China. Both Taiwan and the US would seamlessly fit into this ambitious initiative.