Celebrating 87 years of World Animal Day

Source Wikipedia

Like every other year, this year the World Animal Day is celebrated across the globe. This initiative was started by Heinrich Zimmermann on March 24, 1925.

World Animal Day is a crucial and recognized event that aims at ending animal cruelty and promoting animal protection worldwide. Also, it’s a collective effort for the welfare of animals across the globe affected by the actions of governments, nations, and individuals. In addition, it aims at spreading awareness through education while highlighting the issues like poaching, hunting, and habitat destruction.

This day commences with events like awareness and educational camps, open shelter days, adoption events, workshops, fundraising events through social gatherings like concerts, peaceful protest marches, veterinary camps, film and documentary screenings and anything that contributes to this noble cause. Other forms of celebrations include panel discussions, television and radio talk shows addressing the countless concerns and issues while deciding upon the steps that can be taken for tackling them and improvising the way animals are looked after.

Today World Animal Day is a global event uniting individuals and communities for a common cause. It is led and sponsored by UK-based animal welfare charity, Naturewatch Foundation since 2003.