#CBIRafaleGate: IB claims ‘routine posting’ outside Alok Verma’s house

A statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs said their officials are regularly posted on Akbar Road


  • IB operatives caught snooping by Verma’s personal security
  • Tried to run upon confrontation, detained and handed to Delhi Police
  • IB sources claim posting was ‘routine operation’/li>
  • Staff were at Verma’s residence due to ‘unusual number of people’: IB

A statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs sent to reporters on Thursday claimed that the officials outside Alok Verma’s house were stationed as part of a ‘routine posting’.

The ministry claimed that the Intelligence Bureau (IB) is entrusted with responsibility of collecting information for the public good, and officials are routinely posted in ‘sensitive areas’. Janpath Road, where Alok Verma resides, is such an area. Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, among others, have official residences at Janpath Road.

Read: IB officials caught snooping outside Verma’s house

IB sources also told television channels that the posting was not a covert operation, as the officials were carrying their ID cards. The sources claimed that they went near Verma’s house only because they saw a large collection of people there early in the morning, and wanted to investigate. The existence of this crowd has not been corroborated by any other accounts as of yet.

Four men were caught ‘loitering’ by Verma’s personal security detail at his house at 4 AM on Thursday morning. They were handed over to Delhi Police by questioning. This news came in the wake of his ouster from the CBI yesterday.

Meanwhile, security has been increased outside the CBI headquarters in Delhi.