Cathay Pacific reports data breach affecting 9.4 million passengers

Asia's biggest airlines Cathay Pacific reported data breach. Photo source : FareHawker

Asia’s biggest airlines Cathay Pacific reported data hack which was initially noticed in March 2018 and confirmed in May 2018.

The third major global airlines Cathay Pacific Airways of Hong Kong claimed that there has been a data theft of about 9.4 million passengers. The dubious activity of data theft was noticed by the airline management earlier in March 2018 and later they confirmed an unauthorized access to some of their passengers data, in May.

The personal information leaked, includes names, nationalities, date of birth, telephone numbers, email, about 8,60,000 passport numbers, identity cards data, historical travel information. In a statement Cathay Pacific said that they are unsure and also they do not have any evidence regarding the data been hacked and misused, they also mentioned that no passwords were compromised. The credit card information which was leaked earlier, either the credit card numbers were expired or there were no CVV numbers attached with the cards.

Cathay Pacific’s Chief Executive Officer apologized to the fliers regarding the inconvenience caused due to data hack. He further added that the airline management immediately took action and started with a serious investigation with the assistance of a cybercrime cell and they are further looking forward to strengthen their IT security system.

Cathay Pacific is a reputed Hong Kong based airlines and it serves flights around the world, now it is facing some criticism coming from the frequent fliers as it almost took six months to bring the investigation report clearly in the eyes of public. Report of Cathay Pacific Airways data breach came into the limelight immediately after British Airways revealed that it’s website was hacked.