Britain assures it’s people that the ‘Winter of Discontent’ isn’t back

September 23: The hike in prices of natural gases in Europe has affected various industries in Britain which produce energy, chemicals and steel. While, the labour shortage in the country and the after affects of Brexit has also put a lot of pressure on the country.

A junior minister on Thursday said, the country is not heading back into a 1970s-style “winter of discontent” where there were strikes and power shortages and the citizens of the country should not panic buy products.

To avoid the shortage of poultry and meat the country had to extend its emergency state when the increase in gas prices led to a carbon dioxide shortage.

One of the Britain’s biggest supermarket company, Tesco (TSCO.L), told the government officials that if no action is taken by the government to improve the situation of shortage in truck drivers. Then it would lead to panic buying as the Christmas season was just around the corner.

Panic buying has already started in some areas where the shelves of carbonated drinks and water are already empty. While, the turkey producers have expressed their concerns that familes will be without the traditional turkey during the Christmas lunch if the carbon dioxide shortage continues in the country.

According to Paul Scully, Small Business Minister, there is no need to go out and panic buy.

While spokespersons of various companies have said that the shortage of products are imminent if nothing is done by the government. Also, they are asking to ease the shortage of labour in key areas of operation like in processing, picking and delivering of goods.

The Labour Crisis

The country requires at least 90,000 drivers in the truck industry to meet with the increase in demand of goods and services.

Country’s decision to exit the European Union have made it even more difficult for the European drivers to come inside of Britain.

While, the pandemic also played an important role in the demand for human services as it prevented many people from qualifying for the job.

According to Richard Walker, managing director at supermarket Iceland, his business has about 100 HGV drivers short which has made delivery of services difficult and eventually its leading to the cancellation of orders.

The National Farmers’ Union have written to PM Boris Johnson that he should introduce a new visa system which will help tackle labour shortages across the supply chain and in the country.

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