Brexit Deal: Theresa May to meet cabinet

Theresa May CREDIT: The Independent

Theresa May to face a cabinet meeting as she tries to win colleagues’ support for a draft Brexit agreement between the UK and EU at 14:00 GMT in Downing Street.

Amid calls to reject the deal from both senior Brexiteers and some Remain supporters, if Theresa May’s cabinet gives its agreement, the EU Commission is expected later to publish the details of the 500 page draft withdrawal agreement as well as the much shorter declaration on future economic and security relations.

Ambassadors from the remaining 27 EU member states will discuss the possibility of organising an emergency summit later this month, earmarked for 25 November, to sign off on it.

Brexit of “British exit from the European Union”, the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), has had a history of both pro- and anti-EU views having had majority support at different times since 1977.