SP and SDO office attacked in Munger Bihar.

Image - India TV News

Violent protests were seen outside the office of SP and SDO of Munger. Destruction has been caused in police stations as well.

Owing to the violence during the goddess Durga idol violent agitation was seen on Thursday outside the SP and SDO office in Munger.

The agitators came in huge numbers, burned the police cars down and caused a lot of destruction. The offices have been destroyed and a lot of things have been burned down. They demanded action against the SP and the police personnel who open fired in the Immersion procession.

The protest and agitation have been against the open firing that took place on Monday in the Durga Idol Immersion Procession which resulted in the death of a boy and injury of a lot of people.

The election commission ordered the removal of the Superintendent of Police (SP) Lipi Singh and District Magistrate Rajesh Meena of Munger Bihar on Thursday.

By- Bhavya Chaturvedi

News source – India TV

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