BREAKING NEWS: Showdown Over the blocked ‘Dilli Chalo’ Protest March at Haryana Border

Source: NDTV

By Rishika Singh | November 26 | 11.30 a.m.

New Delhi: Farmers’ protest continues at the Shambhu border, near Ambala (Haryana) as police stop them from moving towards Delhi. According to ANI, farmers have entered the Haryana border despite the government sealing its borders with Punjab.

(Source: ANI)

Drone surveillance was used to monitor the movement of farmers towards the Haryana-Delhi border. Barricades and cemented layers were overturned and thrown by protestors, TV news channels reported.

The Haryana government has deployed RAPF (Rapid Action Force) teams to combat the tense situation at the border. Cops used water cannons and tear gas shells to disperse the crowds.

(Video source: NDTV)

Security forces have also been deployed at the Rohtak-Jhajjhar border, after the showdown between farmers and authorities at Shambhu border.

(Source: ANI)

The massive faceoff between farmers and security forces has boosted an already risky situation. Farmers had been protesting against the contentious farm bills all over the country for the past two months.

Agitating farmers have conveyed trepidation about the farm laws of the Centre paving the way for the abolition of the price structure of minimum support, leaving them at the mercy of big corporations. The government has retained that the new agricultural laws would bring better opportunities for farmers and incorporate new agricultural technologies.


(This is a developing story.)