Breaking News: PM Modi Lays Foundation Stone Of New Parliament Building

Source/ PTI

PM Modi lays the foundation stone of the new Parliament building in an inter-faith prayer ceremony
By Nikita John| December 10, 2020

The new Parliament building project is expected to be completed by 2021 at an estimated cost of Rs 971 crore. Along with the laying of the foundation stone in a “sarva dharma prarthana”. The Prime Minister will also deliver his address at 2.15 PM on the occasion. The prayer ceremony is conducted by Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and Jain priest to showcase the secularist spirit of the nation and to evoke the spirit of “oneness” amongst the citizens.


The new parliament building will have a Lok Sabha chamber with 888 seats while the Rajya Sabha chamber will have 384 seats. The building is going to come up in an area of 64,500 sqm will be earthquake-resistant, and be equipped with modern technology. To showcase the nations cultural diversity, the building will be adorned with indigenous architecture from different parts of the country.
The idea of building a new parliament building is said to be a 7 year old project. The existing Parliament building will be conserved as an archeological heritage site.