Breaking News: Mufti alleges armed forces for rigging the DDC elections in J&K

Sharanya Gupta| Srinagar| Inputs from ANI

With the fifth phase of District Development Council (DDC) elections underway in Jammu & Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti, the chief of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) alleged that the security forces are rigging the elections in favour of a certain political party.

Mufti claimed that the armed forces have cordoned off Matribugh village in Sophian and are not allowing the residents to come out and vote in the pretext of the presence of militants.

Mufti took to Twitter and posted, “Security forces have cordoned Matribugh in Sophian & are not allowing people to come out to vote under the pretext of inputs about presence of militants. In a brazen display of power, armed forces are used to rig this election & favour a particular political party.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Mufti claimed that she was illegally detained in her residence for the third time in the last two weeks citing security concerns.