BREAKING NEWS: Delayed NCRB report with incorrect data sparks outrage

Chennai, November 30: Hell broke loose on Twitter on Thursday after the National Crime Report Bureau (NCRB) published its annual India Crime Report  in New Delhi on Thursday.

The NCRB publishes the India Crime Report every year on July end. However, the sole reference publication for the nation’s crime statistics was delayed by four months this year.

Bureau officials have claimed that such a delay is a rarity and this hasn’t happened since 2013. The officials also said that the delay in the publication of the report has nothing to do with the rising rates of mob lynching and violence.

Twitter trolled the government asking it focus on the crime report stats instead of placing emphasis on the release of Padmavati and its whereabouts.

Anyone comparing National Crime Records Bureau stats with Padmavati controversy pls file a affidavit that

NCRB in the report, presented data and here are some of the key findings: Uttar Pradesh (4,889 cases) reported the highest number of cases of murder accounting for 16.1% followed by Bihar 2,581 (8.4%) cases during 2016.

Satirical passes were made at the vote-rigging scenario statistics that showed how not an individual, not a community but an entire political party is working towards an exclusion of Christian- Muslim communities.

The numbers automatically show a rise in the number of Hindu voters of the nation. Thereby suggesting the lack of choice in the political arena of the nation.

According to other stats, Madhya Pradesh recorded most rape cases in the country with 4,391 cases reported during 2015. The state was followed by Maharashtra (4,144), Rajasthan (3,644) and Uttar Pradesh (2,934), according to the 2015 NCRB report.

Satirical interrogative enquiries also emerged on Twitter regarding per capita :\

Additional impacting data about  2016 Atrocities/Crime Against Scheduled Castes  increasing by 5.5%,against Scheduled Tribes have increasing by 4.7% Incidence of Cyber Crime has shown an increasing trend by 6.3% increase said NCRB.

By Smita Ganguli with Agency inputs