BREAKING NEWS: Centre to roll back slaughter-ban

New Delhi, November 30: The Centre has decided to roll back its controversial May 25 notification that prohibited the sale of cows and buffaloes for slaughter at animal markets across the country, sources said.

The move to roll back the cattle slaughter notification was made after feedback from several states. The controversial notification, issued by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, said that “nobody can bring cattle to an animal market unless he or she has furnished a written declaration that the cattle will not be sold for the purpose of slaughter.”

Several parts of the country also saw protests being held against the notification. Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka were among the states were the ban on sale of cattle for slaughter was severally opposed.

The government, however, pushed back at the criticism, saying it was not trying to impose its will on the people nor was it attempting to influence the food habits of citizens.

Notably, during arguments in Supreme Court after Madras HC filed a petition, the government indicated it was not opposed to the stay. The Centre then told the apex court it was not seeking a modification of Madras High Court order.

By Aishwarya Tendolkar