Bombay, Calcutta, 3 other High Courts get new Chief Justices

Five High Courts in the country- namely Bombay, Calcutta, Gauhati, Uttarakhand and Sikkim, got new chief justices on Wednesday, October 24.

Justice Ramesh Rangnath, a judge of the Andhra Pradesh and Telengana High Court has been appointed chief justice of the Uttarakhand HC. Justice K M Joseph, who was heading the Nainital-based HC was elevated to the Supreme Court in August.

Vijai Kumar Bist, a judge of the Uttarakhand HC, has been elevated as chief justice of the Sikkim HC.

Debasis Kar Gupta, a judge of the Calcutta HC, has been elevated as chief justice in the same court.

Justice Ajjikuttira Somaiah Bopanna, a judge of the Karnataka High Court has been sent to the Gauhati HC as chief justice.

Justice Naresh Harishchandra Patil, a jude of the Bombay HC, has been elevated as its chief justice.

With the fresh appointments, all the 24 high courts in the country have full-time chief justices.