Birthday Special: 8 Smita Patil pictures that will make you miss the timeless beauty

The diva of Indian art cinema would have turned 63 today

By Naman Shah

Chennai, October 17, 2018

A radiant smile,intense eyes, sensuous looks and a fearless attitude,actress Smita Patil was undoubtedly a bundle of talent. In the history of Indian cinema, Smita Patil will always remain an unforgettable face. Here are her beautiful pictures that will make us realise that her untimely death was a big lose for Indian cinema.

Shyam Benegal’s Nishant/Image: Anita Patil Deshmukh


Mrinal Sen’s Akaler Shandhaney (1980)/Image: Anita Patil Deshmukh


Shyam Benegal‘s Bhumika (1977)./Image: Anita Patil Deshmukh


Arun Khopkar’s Teevra Madhyam (1974)./Image: Anita Patil Deshmukh


Shyam Benegal’s Manthan (1976)./Image: Anita Patil Deshmukh\


G Aravindan’s Chidambaram (1985). Image/ Peter Chappell.

People still remember her beautiful eyes, which still rules the hearts of her thousands of admirers. Her fans posted some unseen pictures of her on twitter.

Patil, left a vacuum and the title of “next Smita Patil” is both a responsibility as well as a burden for any actress trying to portray the realities, complexities, and anxieties of ordinary Indian women. No modern actress has come even close to achieve it.