‘Roasts’ ft. Gordon Ramsay

The celebrity chef celebrates his 52nd birthday today and he ‘roasts’ more than just chicken and potatoes.

Gordon Ramsay is one outspoken individual. Known for his explosive tirades on Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef, the Brit makes for the perfect reality television personality. Any TV producer in the West concerned about his TRP’s only needs to convince Ramsay to make an appearance and he can guarantee his owners big numbers.

However, Ramsay is not only a TV celebrity. He is quite well-known to roast people on Twitter over their cooking abilities. Although a lot of them do it just for the attention, it makes for great reading and entertainment on the social media platform. Here are some of the best put-downs by Ramsay over the years:

#1 When David found out his duck was actually a rat (a pet one at that)

#2 Frank is never gonna keep cats as pets again

#3 Cait (Kate!?) misunderstood what her friend had cooked for her

#4 Ramsay certainly doesn’t think he/she is a god, especially a golden one

#5 You know it’s not a legit dish when Ramsay cannot come up with a name

#6 Even Rameez didn’t know he was in jail (The whole of South India is a jail tbh)

#7 Cheesy doormat anyone?

#8 We do not have a caption for this

#9 The rice is definitely older than 52

#10 When he decided to skip the most important meal of the day

We all know he is not just a twitter roaster (so to speak). Here is a glimpse of his real-life put downs (in a very aptly titled video):

That most certainly was an entertaining read. Here’s to many more roasts from the reality star. We are pretty sure he’ll be slandering the hospital’s food even when he is on the deathbed.


By Rahul Venkat