Become one: From Disco Baba to a Billionnaire Baba

The infamous nursery rhyme ‘Ba ba black sheep’ is actually a Godmen rhyme, which goes like ‘ Baba black sheep, have you any tool? Yes dude, yes dude, all my campaigns are houseful!’.

Many of us have grown up hearing ‘it’s a bad bad world out there’ and ‘we are all children of God, he loves us all equally’, which means we are safe if we believe in God. Now, business has become the crust of the very existence of the world, and thanks to the insomniac couples for a humongous population that the number of people has exceeded the number of jobs. And so, we have new professions, one of them being Godmen, which doesn’t mean ‘messengers of God’ but ‘CCTVs of God’. Now just imagine, what if these CCTVs come alive? Yes, that is what has happened here, although it’s been in the name of God. So, these self-claimed CCTVs or Babas (Godmen) fulfill their childhood dreams through this business.

Just with some style of your own, you can be a billionaire baba too! It won’t make you rich overnight (come on, even maggi isn’t ready in two minutes) but you can be famous within that duration for sure (and a billionaire withing a few days’ time, guaranteed thereafter). Only two steps and you’ll be an infamous baba within no time: firstly, wear funky clothes and have a ridiculously funny style; secondly, do some ‘chamatkar’ or simply dance like a baby after you speak a few lines on how God is our everything. If you are a woman, wear excess make-up and go bonkers!

Now that you are now a well established baba, congratulations! It’s the time to disco! And you’ve officially become a disco baba. Not that you go and dance in a disco, that is so common, you disco in on your own stage (that is your campaign) and well, the moment you get off the stage, you disco in the mindst of your ‘devotees’ (got the rockstar feeling?).

You are now in business, and within no time you have been promoted from being a disco baba to billionaire baba. Now you can establish your own business (actual business) i.e. cosmetics, food products, toiletries and what not which can do a Rs. 10,000 crore business, and promoting them won’t be a problem if you do that in the name of God. If that is way too cliché for you, you can have your own production house just like that of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Another brand by him which is running smoothly in Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan goes by the name MSG. Now the irony is that people avoid MSG in their food, but they failed to avoid MSG in their lives.

Tearing apart the complexities of life, be a baba, be a billionaire, end of story.


((Riti Sareen, NewsEye))