Banksy donates funds from Anti-arms artwork sale

Chennai: Anonymous street artist Banksy has donated  £205000 from the sale of an artwork that protested the use of arms. The artwork, Civilian Drone Strike, was displayed at the Art The Arms Fair exhibition in London. The artwork depicts a drone destroying a house, while a woman and her dog look on in horror.

The exhibition was held alongside the world’s largest armament fair, the Defense and Security Equipment International. The art exhibition claimed to highlight “the inhumanity of the arms trade” through art, with work by more than 1,600 exhibitors from 54 countries.

The money raised from the Banksy sale will be split between one of the exhibition’s organisers, Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), and the human rights group ‘Reprieve’.

Street artist Banksy is known for his politically provocative artworks, and has gained global notoriety for his artwork on public walls.


(Kamakshi Gupta, The Newsroom Agenda)

Feature Image Courtesy: Evening Times