Apple solves its charge-gate mystery

Apple has come up with a solution for its major charging problem.

Recently, iPhones were not charging when they were being plugged into their charging ports. Their batteries would not start to fill until the phone was unlocked and in some cases forcing the people to unplug their phone, unlock it and then plug it in again before it receives any power.

Now that problem appears to have been fixed by an upcoming software update that has already been pushed out to some users. The update – iOS 12.1, which also brings new emoji – is available to Apple’s beta testers now and will presumably be pushed to other iPhone users very soon.

The problem appears to be fixed by an upcoming software update which is still being under trial. The update which also has new emoji is available only to Apple’s beta testers and will be persumably be pushed to other iPhone users.

Apple has not publicly commented on the bug but the reports have suggested that the latest update contains the fix.

Initial reports suggested that the issue was limited only to the iPhone XS and XS Max. Later it was found out that it was also taking place in other iPhones.