Apple admits ‘Beautygate’ a camera bug, rolls out fix for iPhone XS

iPhone XS

Apple said that iOS 12.1 will fix a bug in its smart HDR camera system that resulted in smoother-looking photos taken by the front camera on the iPhone XS and XR.

The day which marked 17 years of the first iPod, a palm-sized device that held an entire music library and helped bring Apple back to profitability, Apple finally rolled out a fix to the ‘skin smoothing effect’ that several users complained of, when they took self-portrait shots of themselves from iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

“Beautygate” emerged a few weeks ago after iPhone users took to social media to complain about their front-facing cameras automatically and aggressively smoothing out skin details. Some experts studied the issue and concluded that it wasn’t an intentional “beauty filter” being applied but rather noise reduction being applied to low-light photos.

It turns out it was neither. Apple has revealed to The Verge that “beautygate” is actually a software bug in the new Smart HDR feature.

Since all three 2018 iPhone models — XS, XS Max and XR —- come with the new Smart HDR feature, the algorithm adjustments will be rolled to all the three. Apple is reportedly currently on its fifth developer beta for iOS 12.1 and so far it is not clear when exactly the company will roll out the update.