Amit Shah holds pre-election public meeting at Madhya Pradesh

President of the Bharatiya Janata Party Amit Shah addresses public meeting in Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh.

This precedes the elections to the poll-bound Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly which will be held on 28 November 2018 to elect members of the 230 constituencies in state.


He began his tour by recalling former prime minister Manmohan Singh’s comment, made nearly 12 years ago, that minorities had the first right on resources.

“When Narendra Modi became the prime minister, his first sentence was this government is of the tribals and poor, but Manmohan Singh used to say minorities have the first right on resources,’’ the BJP president said while addressing his first rally in tribal-dominated Badwani.

He will address a series of rallies and participate in road shows over the next seven days. He also accused the Congress of not paying respect to tribal “heroes” and worshipping only one family. Shah said Congress president Rahul Gandhi was suffering from Modi phobia because “no matter what, he sees Modi everywhere”. (Indian Express)